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Which metal furniture legs do I choose?

Leggz metal furniture legs

The popularity of metal furniture legs, especially the chrome and brushed nickel finishes, have been very strong over the years. We have seen this popular trend in many products that use stainless steel finishes, but when faced with a wall of attractive legs in your hardware store, you want to feel confident that you can make the right choice.

Outside of the different finishes there are also other considerations to be made, including fixed height versus adjustable, leg diameter, leg height and the weight capacity of the leg.

Below is a quick breakdown of the type of metal furniture legs available.

Round metal furniture legs

Our more popular range can be categorised in both the height and diameter of the leg, whether it is adjustable or not and the finish (for example chrome, brushed nickel, white or black).

Both the 30mm and 60mm diameter legs come in 710mm, 230mm and 150mm lengths.

In many instances, a project will require a specific height. With the Leggz range, there are both adjustable and non-adjustable legs, allowing you to customise the height or make micro adjustments, to ensure a perfect fit. The legs are adjustable by simply twisting the end cap or lower half of the leg (depending on the model) to make the height adjustment.

Square metal furniture legs

The square metal legs have been rising in popularity for their simple, yet versatile design. With the option to make height adjustments of 20mm via the end cap, the square metal legs enable you to fit on uneven surfaces where slight height adjustments are required to level your table.

The square metal legs also come in the three different lengths – 710mm, 230mm and 150mm – with a 40 x 40 mm diameter.

Metal cabinet and sofa legs

Leggz also have a small range of metal, cabinet and sofa legs that can be used to update existing legs on your furniture or add to a new project. As with all the metal furniture legs, all hardware is included to help complete your furniture project.

See the full range of metal furniture legs for an overview of what is available.